Conveyorised Tunnel Type Washing Machine

Conveyorised Tunnel Type Washing Machine
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    Conveyorised Tunnel Type Washing Machine
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    Conveyorised Tunnel Type Washing Machine
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    Conveyorised Tunnel Type Washing Machine

This machine offers effective Washing, Drying and Oiling solutions suitable for variety of components the machine is through feed type which is continuous and can handle large volumes easy for operation and saving of manpower.

The Conveyor belt is robustly designed in different material such as Honey Comb and chains with fitments of carbon steel or stainless steel material width from 200 mm to 1500mm or as requested can be offered. The machine can be built in Multistage design offering Pre Wash, Final Wash, Drying and Oiling operations.

The components are directly placed on the conveyor belt manually or by hoist if they are heavy.  The conveyor belt is continuously moving the speed can be set as required for best results of washing the components. The components are thoroughly cleaned by high pressure jets placed on Top, Side and Bottom of conveyor belt. As the components move in the chamber , The media are provided for effective washing and cleaning of components. Inline filter ensures supply of clean liquid for washing and prevents clogging of spray nozzles. Removal of oil skum etc by oil skimmer gives improved results and enhances the life of wash media. Hot air Blower helps removal of excess washing media from components.

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